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Southern Oregon Printing

817 N. Central Ave.  Medford, OR 97501

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We at Southern Oregon Printing have provided quality printing and excellent services for over 30 years. The values we stressed in establishing our printing business in 1979 have remained of utmost importance to us.

Celebrating over 30 years in business

We are grateful to our loyal customers who have been with us for so many years.  Integrity has been a key ingredient in dealing with each and every customer, vendor and associate.  Our gratitude is also extended to our long-time employees for their loyalty and hard work.  They are a huge part of our success.  Most businesses have fierce competition, ours included.  Maintaining a personal identity, knowing the customer is always right, being able to handle "rush" as a normal policy, and having a good sense of humor have helped to make us stand out from the competition.


Our products are printing, copying and related items, but our business is service.

We realize you have many options to fulfill your printing requirements, and so we try to stand out by providing what we hope is unsurpassed service.  We love to "kill our customers with kindness."  Thank you to the business communities for helping Southern Oregon Printing to grow and be successful for these past 30 plus years.  We look forward to faithfully serving you all.

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